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Bad hair day – every day

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) affects more than 25,000 people in the U.S. This might not surprise a lot of people but every day is a “bad hair day” for me. Yes, sometimes (okay, maybe often) my locks are frizzled and … Continue reading

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Lola the Guinea Hen: Barnyard PIO

In the battle between chicken and predator, it’s no surprise that the chicken usually loses. That’s why last summer I decided to add Guinea Hens to my little flock. Not that Guineas can pistol-whip a fox or shoot down red-tailed … Continue reading

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Despite reports of her death, Hilda the One-Eyed Hen lives!

She survived a vicious predator attack last summer, made it through winter, and persevered after a run-in with a car. My car. Hilda the One-Eyed Hen is one tough old bird. Last summer she was the only survivor after an … Continue reading

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Frozen water everywhere — but not a drop to drink!

It’s been an incredibly dry winter here in Minnesota, and the snow I depend on to water the chickens has been nonexistent. A large heated equine water bucket does the job every winter. I plug it in and place it … Continue reading

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“Our mom rocks”

The new chicks are almost 2 weeks old and all is well! I’ve been keeping them in a tub inside our workshop, but yesterday when I saw the mom peering over the edge of it I couldn’t resist letting them … Continue reading

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Happiness = 5 new baby chicks!

After a month of tremendous loss at Golden Hills Farm, I’m reminded that little surprises can bring hope at any time! Yesterday a hen and five chicks emerged from somewhere — a welcome sign that life goes on. For the … Continue reading

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Spring chickens!

A few nights ago I was lamenting the fact that I had no brooding hens, and thus no tiny chicks to bring into the house and cuddle. Yes, I know that sounds strange, but ever since I can remember I’ve … Continue reading

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Festus the one-legged dynamo

Festus the one-legged dynamo! Festus was a little white bantam rooster from my first batch of chickens. My children have fond memories of Festus chasing them around the yard and wreaking havoc on their lives. My son recalls getting off … Continue reading

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St. Patty’s Day feast – fit for a flock!

Last night we took my son out to dinner at Famous Dave’s for his golden birthday. While most of our clan ate every last bite, as usual, I collected any remnants and brought home a “chickie bag” from the restaurant. (No cannibalism … Continue reading

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It’s kind of weird that birds eat each other. We have a hawk who always seems to come for Sunday dinner. My brother says it’s because “the dinner bell is always ringing in the yard with all those chickens running … Continue reading

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