Spring chickens!

A few nights ago I was lamenting the fact that I had no brooding hens, and thus no tiny chicks to bring into the house and cuddle. Yes, I know that sounds strange, but ever since I can remember I’ve loved baby chicks — they are soooooo cute!

Back to my story. My husband and I were discussing how usually at this time of year I’m waiting for chicks to hatch, and that the delay may be due to our extended cold, wet, rainy winter weather. We had only around 3 nice days the entire month of April, not much incentive for a mom to bring vulnerable young into the world.

No sooner had we complained about the hens when my husband spotted one sitting down in our granary. “That’s strange,” he said, “is she sitting on eggs right there?” As we approached the hen, she stood up — and six or so chicks scattered from beneath her. What a pleasant surprise!

The sneaky mom hatched them inside a dugout hole in the flooring of the granary. The chicks appear to be a few days old. I am now calculating ways to hold one without being hen-pecked. But even if I have to endure her wrath, it’s worth it!

See my hen and chicks on YouTube!

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Chicken scratch -- within and beyond the nest.
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