St. Patty’s Day feast – fit for a flock!

Last night we took my son out to dinner at Famous Dave’s for his golden birthday. While most of our clan ate every last bite, as usual, I collected any remnants and brought home a

Summer freebirds

“chickie bag” from the restaurant. (No cannibalism encouraged — all poultry barbecue was removed.)

When we got home, I carefully navigated the muddy slopes to the coop with their meal. A lovely plate of French fries, baked beans, BBQ beef, corn on the cob, cornbread muffins and cole slaw was presented to the flock, and they descended on the food immediately. I wished them all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and closed the door.

Walking out of the pen, my shoe became encased in a slough of mudpoo and was nearly sucked off my foot. I’ve got some cleanup work to do out there this weekend. It will be so nice when the birds can frolic about the yard again and spread their joy instead of concentrating it inside the pen and coop.

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Chicken scratch -- within and beyond the nest.
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