Watch your wattles!

Another cold snap is at our front door. I’m already noticing some discolored combs and wattles due to frostbite. It’s nice and warm in the coop, but for 3 roosters, there’s something oh-so enticing about the garage. Maybe it’s the way their crows echo against the walls in the morning?

It’s one thing to be all-that and think you’re too cool for the coop, but it’s another to lead some beautiful egg-laying hens astray. Yesterday I chased the hens ’round and ’round the car several times before they figured out they could just go beneath it and get away from me. Sure I figured out that I could never catch them (after at least 2 laps) — but I thought a little exercise might do them good. It was a fun, large muscle exercise for most of us.

Collected a half dozen eggs from the nests, and saw 2 frozen, cracked eggs in the garage. Enough of this nonsense!

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Chicken scratch -- within and beyond the nest.
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